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1. Where is the clothing made?
All our clothing is hand crafted from scratch based on the unique style & measurements of each individual, by our skilled Shanghainese tailors in Hong Kong.

2. How many different types of fabrics are available?
We hold over 3000 fabrics for Suits and over 5000 different kinds of fabrics for Shirts each trip.

3. How often are new fabrics available?
We bring in new fabrics every couple of months, sourced from England and Italy.

4. Can you copy my best fitting suits and shirts measurements?
We advise new clients to wear their best fitting suit at the time of being measured. If you are unable to meet us personally, you can send your best fitting garment to us, and we will copy it and send your garment back together with your new order.

5. How much do your suits cost?
$599 to $3500 depending on the quality of the fabric you choose.

6. How does the delivery work for overseas orders? And what is the delivery time?
Delivery is within 5 to 6 weeks from the date of order placed. All parcels are delivered through private courier.

7. How will I know about your next visit to my city?
We send updates to all our client about every visit to their city. You can also view the trip schedule page on our website.

8. Can I repeat an order online without getting measured?
Yes, if you have ordered from us, we have your measurements on file, and also create a paper pattern for future orders. If you have any changes in measurements to advise, you may email us and we will make the relevant changes to your pattern.
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