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Welcome to EB
“Where style meets elegance.”

Founded in 1965, colonial HK, EB is HK’s premiere bespoke boutique crafting beautiful hand-sewn ensembles for both men & women.
Being the leader in style & fashion, EB offers finely tailored suits, shirts, tuxedos, topcoats & casual wear.
Being sharp tailoring or casual chic, EB stands for sartorial sophistication.

English Bespoke Tailors are the best Hong Kong Custom Tailors for Men's and Women's tailoring
Getting a custom bespoke suit is expensive. Especially if you want one that checks all the boxes and has all the knicks and knacks that you want. Not everyone wants to or can afford such luxuries. The English cut, the very expensive Zegna fabric, all of those come at a cost. However, nothing can stop you from wearing a suit that looks good on, not even money. So we also have affordable suits. We are also Affordable Suits Tailors in Hong Kong because we understand that sometimes one cannot help but look at price tags. Don’t worry, the price tag on our affordable suits won’t go beyond your budget. We promise to get you the most Cheap Bespoke Suits in Hong Kong. With our Custom Suits Tailors in Hong Kong, we will make sure that even the most affordable suits make you look like a millionaire. After all, that’s what most of us want. To look good in the clothes that we have paid good money for. With us you don’t have to worry about that. Leave your clothes in our expert hands and see the magic of our tailors. From drab fabric to the most handsome suits ever made, the transformation is magical.



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